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AccountRight Plus and Premier (v2018.2 and later), Australia only

If you terminated an employee during the 2019-20 financial year before you started using Single Touch Payroll, you might need to prepare a payment summary. This depends on whether the employee’s final pay was an Employment Termination Payment (ETP) or not.

If the final pay:

  • included an Employment Termination Payment (ETP), you won't be able to report this to the ATO through Single Touch Payroll. Instead, you'll need to provide them with a payment summary. Because the Payment Summary Assistant is no longer available in AccountRight 2020.2 onwards if you're registered for Single Touch Payroll reporting, you'll need to complete a manual payment summary for the employee using forms available from the ATO.
  • didn't include an ETP, (for example, their final pay only included unused leave), you'll need to follow the steps below to report their payroll details.


To finalise payroll for a previously terminated employee

Follow the steps below to finalise payroll for a terminated employee whose final pay did not include an ETP.


1. Reinstate the employee
  1. Go to the Card File command centre and click Cards List.
  2. Click the Employee tab.
  3. Click the zoom arrow to open the employee's card.
  4. On the Profile tab, ensure the employee's details are current and the Inactive Card option is deselected.
  5. Click the Payroll Details tab.
  6. Click the dropdown arrow next to the Termination Date (to display the calendar) then click Clear. Alternatively, you can highlight the date and press Delete on your keyboard.
  7. Click through each of the tabs in the employee's card and ensure their details are up to date (Wages, Entitlements, Deductions, etc.). For more details see Enter employee payroll information.
2. Enter a $0 pay
  1. Process a pay for this employee and enter $0 in all the fields and record a $0 pay. When the $0 pay is reported via STP the YTD amount will be sent through as well.

3. Finalise the employee
  1. Go to the Payroll command centre and click Payroll Reporting.
  2. Click Payroll Reporting Centre.
  3. Click the EOFY Finalisation tab.
  4. If you need to report fringe benefits for an employee (what is this?):
    1. Click the ellipsis button for the employee and choose Enter RFBA.
    2. Enter in both the:

      • Reportable fringe benefits amount $

      • Reportable fringe benefits amount exempt from FBT under section 57A $
        The combined value of these must be above the thresholds set by the ATO.

    3. Click Add amounts.
  5. Select each employee you want to finalise, then click Set as Final.
  6. Enter your name and click Send.

Each employee that has been finalised will have the Final indicator ticked.

4. Terminate the employee

Now that you've reported through STP you can enter the termination details in the employee card. See Enter termination details for more information.

Finalisation not going to plan? See the Frequently Asked Questions in End of year finalisation with Single Touch Payroll reporting.


What if I've terminated an employee before I started using AccountRight?

What if I've terminated an employee before I started using AccountRight?

If you weren't using AccountRight when you terminated the employee, complete a manual payment summary for them using forms available from the ATO.

Why is an employee missing from the EOFY Finalisation list?

Why is an employee missing from the EOFY Finalisation list?

Only employees who have been paid in the current payroll year appear in the EOFY Finalisation list. If an employee isn't listed, check that:

  • the employee's Employment Basis is set to Individual or Labour Hire. You'll find this setting in the Payroll Details tab > Personal Details of the employee's card. Employees set as Other won't appear in the list.
  • at least one pay been recorded for the year, after setting up STP.

If you've checked these things and an employee still isn't showing, record a $0 (zero dollar) pay for employee. Remove all hours and amounts from the pay. When the $0 pay is recorded, you'll be prompted to declare and send the details to the ATO. The employee's YTD amounts are then sent to the ATO and the employee will appear in the finalisation list.