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Article ID: 36163

Accountants Office Suite
Accountants Enterprise Suite
New Zealand
AE Statutory Reporter (AU)
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AE Statutory Reporter (NZ)
AO Statutory Reporter (NZ)

ARTICLE LAST UPDATED: 17 September 2019 10:46 AM

In MYOB Client Accounting, you might experience the error "Period X to Y is locked by <Username>" when opening a Workpaper period.

When opening a workpaper period, the system locks the period so other users can't open or work on the same workpaper period, at the same time. When the user closes out of the workpaper period, it's automatically unlocked.

To resolve this error, check with the user that they don't have the workpaper period open. If they do, they'll need to close the period before you can open it.


If a workpaper period closes unexpectedly (for example, after a system crash), you might also experience this error. In this case, the workpaper should unlock after 5 minutes of receiving the error.

Try waiting for 5 minutes before attempting to open the workpaper again.

If the workpaper is still locked after the 5 minutes, contact MYOB support on 1300 555 666 and quote KB 36163.


In the VPMSER (also called AEDB1 or AODB1) database view the dbo.WP_Lock table.

Where there is only 1 record, the lck_message matches the message you are experiencing.

If it is > 5 minutes since the lck_locked date (i.e the lck_duration is 300 seconds), delete this record.

If there are multiple records, determine the required record and delete only the record relating to the client code experiencing the issue.