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After you've set up Single Touch Payroll, your end-of-year payroll gets a lot easier.

You'll continue paying your employees like normal

Once you've notified the ATO that you're ready to report, you're all set up for Single Touch Payroll reporting. You won't notice anything new while entering your pays, but after you process a pay you'll now have to send the payroll information to the ATO.

This is easily done, when you record a pay, enter the name of the authorised sender and click Send. You can also Send Single Touch Payroll reports after processing payroll.

Each time you submit pay details to the ATO, your employees' year-to-date payroll information is submitted.

You can check the status of your submissions by going to the Payroll menu and choosing Single Touch Payroll reporting.

What happens at the end of the payroll year?

At the end of the payroll year, you just need to finalise your STP reporting, which is a simple process. This feature is coming soon!

When you finalise, the status of the employee's income statement in myGov will change to Tax ready. This means they'll be able to pre-fill and lodge their tax return. Check with the ATO on the due date for making this finalisation declaration.


How do I know if I'm set up for STP?

How do I know if I'm set up for STP?

You'll know you're set up when you go to the Payroll menu > Single Touch Payroll reporting and see the Single Touch Payroll reporting centre.

If you don't see this, but instead you're prompted to set up Single Touch Payroll - see this topic for help.

Once you're set up and you record a pay run, you'll be prompted to declare and submit the information to the ATO. You'll only be able to do this if you've notified the ATO you're STP ready.

What gets sent to the ATO?

What's sent to the ATO?

Only your employees' year to date figures are sent to the ATO. Take a look at this quick video to learn more.

What if I make a mistake in a pay run?

What if I make a mistake in a pay run?

If you over- or under-pay an employee, just fix it as you normally would. This corrects the employee's YTD amounts, which will be sent to the ATO the next time you declare a pay run.

See Changing or deleting a pay.

How do I add another declarer for Single Touch Payroll?

How do I add another declarer for Single Touch Payroll?

Each person who processes payroll in your company file must add themselves as a declarer before they can send payroll information to the ATO. 

If someone else in your business needs to be set up to report payroll for STP, they need to complete the steps in Add a declarer for Single Touch Payroll reporting.