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You need to link a tax/BAS agent to a client from the client settings. This lets an agent prepare an activity statement or tax return on behalf of the client. You can have one agent linked for activity statements, and a different agent for tax returns. You can change the linked agent at any time.

When you first create a manual activity statement for a client, if you haven't already linked an agent to a client, MYOB Practice will ask you to select an agent. This is a one-off. When you select the agent, we'll link them to that client. When you create your next activity statement, the agent is automatically selected.

To link an agent to a client

To link an agent to a client

  1. Select the client on your client sidebar. If they're not already on your list, add them now.
  2. Click located on the top right of the menu bar. The Client settings page appears.

  3. In the BAS agent details section, click Edit details.
  4. Select the agent from the drop-down, then click Save.