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Release date—16 July 2020

Update—30 July 2020

This hotfix is no longer available. Instead, download the new hotfix that includes all the changes in this hotflix plus much more.

Release notes

This hotfix resolves the following tax 2020 issues:

  • The validation errors/rejections in Income details schedule (INCDTLS). Make sure you relodge and redo the pre-fill for the affected return after installing the hotfix.

  • The Item 1 - Salary and wages and Item 24 - Other income estimate issues.
  • D5 and D9 Description not rolling over.
  • Printing tax office copy of PAYG payment summary (for individuals).

  • In the Company tax return, unfranked dividends in Gross dividends schedule are showing as expense in the Other deductions worksheet.
  • In the SMSF:
    • Deductible expense (L1) in Gross dividends schedule isn't showing at Item 12 Other amounts Label L1. Instead, it shows the amount from Unfranked dividends.
    • The Property count field from Class Super couldn't be imported to the corresponding field in the tax return.
  • In the Distribution from managed fund (dim) worksheet (Individual tax return):
    • When deleting the worksheet, at item 20, the Foreign tax offset received from managed fund label is also cleared.
    • There was no validation test for the mandatory Number of account holders field. We've now implemented a validation test.
    • There was a rounding issue in the CFC income and Australian franking credits from an NZ franking company fields.
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