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From AccountRight 2020.2 onward, we've removed checking in, checking out and synchronisation. We've made these changes to improve your online security.

For all the details, see Important changes in AccountRight 2020.2.

To permanently work offline

If your AccountRight subscription has ended or you no longer want your company file online, you can move your file from the cloud and store it on your computer instead. But don't forget, some features are only available if your file’s online.


To take your file offline
  1. Take a backup of your online file. See Back up your company file for instructions.
  2. Restore the backup to the AccountRight library on your computer. See Restore your company file for instructions.
Remember, your online company file will still be accessible and usable while you're working on your offline file. This means any work done in one file won't be reflected in the other. So make sure you notify anyone who has access to your online company file.

If you later want to move this company file back online (and you still have an AccountRight subscription), take a backup of the company file and restore it online.