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If you want to pay straight into your suppliers' and employees' bank accounts you can use a bank file, or pay them directly.

Using a bank file

Create a bank file from AccountRight then upload it to your bank for processing.

Direct payments

Pay directly from AccountRight (2020.2 and later, selected customers only - see note below).

What's the difference?

Using a bank fileDirect payments
  • available in Australia and New Zealand
  • both online and desktop company files
  • included with AccountRight (bank fees may apply)
  • internet banking required
  • available to selected Australian customers (see note below)
  • online company files only
  • MYOB fees apply (see FAQs below)
  • internet banking not required
  • can pay expenses via credit card or Mastercard debit card
  • streamlined payment process
  • less data entry = fewer mistakes!
  • additional security
  • full payment audit trail

Direct payments availability Only businesses registered as Sole Traders and/or Private Companies with the Australian Business Registry will be eligible able to apply. 

Setting up electronic payments

Before you can make electronic payments using your chosen method, you'll need to set up a few things.

Making payments

Once you've set up electronic payments, you're ready to start making payments using your chosen method.



What are the fees for using direct payments?

What are the fees for using direct payments?

The fees per use are:

Debit card (Mastercard only)

  • 0.1% of the total payment value
  • Example: if paying $10,000, the fee is $10

Credit card (Visa or Mastercard)

  • 1.5% of the total payment value
  • Example: if paying $10,000, the fee is $150