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Australian businesses that are registered for GST or have employees need to regularly lodge activity statements — BAS or IAS with the ATO that contain GST, PAYG and other business information.

AccountRight makes the reporting process easier for you. You can choose to lodge your activity statements online using AccountRight, or do it manually with the help of MYOB’s BASlink tool.

Lodge online

If you’re using AccountRight 2016.3 or later, and your company file is online, you can lodge your BAS or IAS online, straight from AccountRight.

There’s a one-time easy setup, and no paper forms to worry about - you’ll also get quick confirmation from the ATO about your lodgement. Get started now

Lodge manually

If your company file isn’t online, you’ll need to prepare your activity statement using the ATO-supplied forms, or lodge the details electronically on the ATO’s website.

To help you work out what needs to be reported, you can use MYOB BASlink. Learn about BASlink


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