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When installing AccountRight, you'll need either the PC Edition or the Server Edition.

Most people just need the PC Editionit’s the simplest installation, requires little configuration and is easy to maintain. The Server Edition is only for network servers which host AccountRight company files which need to be accessed by other computers on the network.

The AccountRight PC Edition will only be installed for the user who is currently logged into Windows. If other users log in to this computer using their own Windows account name, they’ll need to install AccountRight as well.

When you've decided which installation you need, learn how to install AccountRight. 

Still not sure? Here’s a table showing the differences between the installer options:

Features PC Edition Server Edition
Requires Windows administrator access to installNo *Yes
Can access AccountRight files in the cloud (online)YesYes
Can access AccountRight files stored on other computers on your office networkYesYes
Can allow users on other computers on your office network to access AccountRight files stored on your computer.NoYes
Can be used on a terminal server.NoYes

* Windows administrator access is required if your Microsoft .NET version needs updating.

Do you need to deploy AccountRight using a group policy?

See the AccountRight MSI installation instructions.


How do I know if I'm using the PC or Server Edition of AccountRight?

How do I know if I'm using the PC or Server Edition of AccountRight?

To check if you're using the Server Edition, look for SE in your desktop shortcut description.

Here's an example:

If there's no SE, you're using the PC edition.