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Use AccountRight’s banking features to record your bank and cash transactions and keep on top of your finances. You can:

  • record the money that goes in and out of your bank accounts and credit card accounts
  • manage money that you deposit in a batch, such as customer payments made by cash, cheque or credit card
  • record cash payments and purchases, such as petty cash expenses
  • reconcile transactions shown on your bank statement with the information you’ve recorded in AccountRight, to check that your records are up to date
  • prepare payments to process electronically using your internet banking software or website.

Bank feeds help you keep up to date

If you’re subscribed to AccountRight, you can sign up to the bank feeds service and have all of your bank transaction details automatically fed into your company file. You’ll just need to check and approve the information before it’s committed to your file.

Using bank feeds is the easiest way to keep your financial records up to date and accurate. Because you’re approving transactions as you go, bank reconciliation is largely done for you.

If you’re not using bank feeds...

If you haven’t signed up to the bank feeds service, or you have bank or credit card accounts that don’t work with the service, you can still keep your information up to date in AccountRight.

Most of your transactions can be entered from the one window (see Entering transactions in the Bank Register window) and there are smart features that will help you speed up your data entry too (see Recurring transactions).