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This information applies only if you're upgrading from AccountRight Classic (v19 or earlier) or BusinessBasics.
Upgrading from AccountRight 2011 or later? Keep on moving!


What's new in the new AccountRight?

AccountRight has been rebuilt from the ground up to make it work online. Everything from the way you bank to the way you socialise has moved online – doing your accounts online is just the next logical step.

With the new AccountRight, you can connect to your bank to improve data entry and accuracy, put your file in the cloud and work anywhere with anyone, hook up your data to a range of powerful add-ons, and enter invoices and take payments from your phone. And that's just the beginning.

While the new AccountRight looks familiar, it offers you an entirely new way to work. We can't list all the changes here, so take a look at our interactive tool on the right to get the lowdown.


It’s easy to move to the new AccountRight

Ready to move to the new AccountRight and have an AccountRight subscription? Great! You just need to decide whether to let us do the upgrade for you, or do the upgrade yourself.

But before you start... some features aren't yet available in the new AccountRight. We don’t recommend updating if you:

  • use M-Powered Payments
  • use multi-currency, negative inventory or multi-location stock tracking (MYOB Premier)
  • have an add-on that uses ODBC, but isn't available for the new AccountRight. Check if it's available

Hot tip: Got a large file? Save time when upgrading by running the optimisation tool first (File > Optimise Company File) and purging records that clutter your file, like contact logs.


Let us do the upgrade for you

We'll upgrade your file, put it online and download and install the latest software for you.

And, if you choose to, we’ll also connect with your bank and invite your team.

Check out the video below to get an overview of the process, then click the button below:


Then sit back while we do the rest.

When it's done, add the finishing touches to finish up.

Do the upgrade yourself

There are two steps to doing the upgrade yourself: first you download and install the latest software, and then you upgrade your file.

It'll take a little longer than if we were doing it for you, but you'll have full control over things, and can choose not to put your file online.

Check out the video below to get an overview of the process, then just follow these steps:

  1. Install the latest AccountRight
  2. Upgrade your company file

When it's done, add the finishing touches to finish up.




Add the finishing touches

Depending on the features you use, there may a few things you need to do after upgrading. Don’t stress though, you only need to do them once.

Do you:

  • use an Administrator password?
  • have users who will access your file online?
  • have personalised forms (such as invoices)
  • use BASlink?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then you'll need to do some additional upgrade tasks.