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To email from AccountRight you need Microsoft Outlook (2007 or later) installed on your computer.

You're then ready to stay in touch with your contacts by emailing invoices, statements, bills and more.

When you email from AccountRight, the document is converted to a PDF and attached to an email sent through Outlook.

If you're not using Microsoft Outlook, save your document as a PDF (Send To > Disk) then attach it to an email.

How to email

Typically, you can display what you want to email, then click Send to > Email.

To email...See
Transactions (when recording)Sending forms when you record a transaction
Transactions (after recording)Sending forms in a batch
StatementsSend customer statements
ReportsPrinting, saving and sending a report
Pay slips (Australia only)Print or email pay slips

Trouble emailing pay slips? See Print or email pay slips


Emailing attachments

Do you want to include your latest price list when emailing an invoice? Or perhaps you want to include a birthday card when emailing a report to your accountant (stranger things have happened!).

Click Attach on the Email window to select an additional attachment.

Email addresses

The email addresses in your contacts’ cards are used when sending emails. Click To if you have additional email addresses specified in a contact’s card which you want to use. Or you can type email addresses directly into the To field, and use a semi-colon (;) to separate multiple addresses.

Email Defaults

The default Subject and Message for your emails are specified using the Email Defaults window (Setup > Preferences > Reports & Forms tab > Emails). This lets you customise your email text making it specific to your business.

You can override the default text in the Email or Review Forms Before Delivery windows when sending an email.

To change the form which is used when emailing, see Set a default form to print and email.


Which email programs work with AccountRight?

AccountRight only supports Microsoft Outlook 2007 or later (32 bit only). If you use a web email service, such as Gmail, you can access and send emails for these services within Microsoft Outlook (via IMAP or POP). Your email provider will have instructions on how to set this up in Outlook.

Outlook 2013 must be installed on your computer and not used online as part of an Office 365 subscription.

How do I set Microsoft Outlook as my default email program?

AccountRight sends emails via the default email program and email address set up on your computer. Microsoft Outlook is the only email program you can use with your MYOB software. Here's how to set Outlook as the default email programm in Windows 7 or later.

  1. From the Control Panel, choose Internet Options.
  2. Click the Programs tab > Set programs.
  3. Choose the option Set your default programs.
  4. Select Microsoft Outlook then click Set this program as default.
How do I set the default email address?

AccountRight sends emails using the default email address set up in Microsoft Outlook. If you have more than one email address in Outlook, here's how to set the default one:

  1. In Outlook go to File > Info > Account Settings > Account Settings.
  2. Click the Email tab.
  3. Select the email address you want to use, then click Set as Default.
  4. Click the Data Files tab and again select the email address you want to use then click Set as Default.
I get an "Error sending email" message. What should I do?

In you get this message when emailing pay slips, go to Setup > Preferences > Reports & Forms tab and deselect the option Include all YTD amounts and Entitlement Balances on Paycheque Stubs.

If you're still getting the error, record another pay for that employee by entering an hour and amount next to each payroll category. Then delete this pay (display the pay transaction via the transaction journal, then go to EditDelete or Reverse). Now try emailing the pay slip which was causing the error.

If the occurs when emailing something other than pay slips, it means something is stopping the email being sent from your MYOB software to Outlook. This can include:

  • Windows permissions
  • Outlook security settings
  • Third party security software, such as antivirus
  • User Access Control

These are outside of your MYOB software and may relate to numerous causes, so you might need the help of an IT person to determine the exact cause and the appropriate fix.

How do I reprint or resend forms?

If you need to reprint or resend a transaction, redisplay it and then click Print or Send To from the transaction window. For example, to reprint a sale, find it in the Sales Register window and click the zoom arrow to display it in the Sales window. Then click Print or Send To.

If you need to reprint or resend a few transactions look for the Print/Email...buttons in the relevant command centre. For example, to reprint a few sales, click Print/Email Invoices in the Sales command centre. If the transactions aren't listed in the Review... window, click Advanced Filters and deselect the Unprinted or Unsent Only option.

How do I remove emails from the To Be Emailed tab.

If you only have a few emails to be removed open each of the transactions and change the Delivery Status to Already Printed or Sent.

If you have lots of emails to be removed, disconnect your computer from the Internet. In your software send all the emails, but without an internet connection, it will only move them to the Outbox in Outlook. Delete these from the Outbox and then reconnect to the Internet.

I prefer to email sales, rather than print them. Is there a way to make email the default delivery method?

Yes, go to the Selling Details tab of each customer card and set the Invoice Delivery field to To be Emailed.

If you want to email sales immediately after recording them, select the Automatically [Email] Sales When They are Recorded option in the Preferences window (Setup menu > Preferences > Sales tab)

Why are fields missing on my forms when I email an attachment even though they display when the form is printed?

Try making the field larger on your form. If a field in a customised form is too small, it might get missed when the form is converted to PDF to be emailed - even though the field might display when printed.To enlarge a field when you're customising a form, click and drag a corner of the box surrounding the field.