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Use the Spend Money window to record the payments you make for things such as petrol, office stationery, and phone bills.

Want to automate your payments? You can make a payment by credit card, BPAY, direct debit, etc, and record the transaction in AccountRight when it appears on your bank feed. You can make this easier by setting up rules to automatically record these transactions.

(Not Basics) Note that you can’t use the Spend Money window to pay bills recorded in the Purchases command centre—use the Pay Bills function in the Purchases command centre to record those payments.

To record a payment, enter the details of the transaction, including who you are paying, the account you want to allocate the cost to and how you want the remittance advice delivered (if required).

You can specify whether the amount was paid directly from your bank account or if it will be processed electronically later.

Which accounts can spend money? Only banking accounts can be selected as the pay from account. This include clearing accounts for electronic payments. Banking accounts are accounts that have a Bank (for 1-xxxx accounts) or Credit Card (for 2-xxx accounts) account type, If you can't select the account in the Spend Money window, check the account set up.


To find out more about spending money, see Entering detailed transactions.