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 You can use quotes to provide your customers with a price that’s guaranteed for a specified period. When the customer accepts the quote, you can turn it into an invoice in just one click.

To create a quote
  1. Go to the Sales menu and choose Quotes. The Quotes page appears.
  2. Click Create quote.
  3. In the Customer field, choose a customer, or add one by clicking Add customer and entering their details, then clicking Save.
  4. If you want, edit the number in the Quote number field.
    Note that if you change the quote number, future quotes’ numbering will continue on from this new quote number.
  5. Check the date in the Date of issue field.
  6. Check the Expiration terms and Expired date. This is the length of time the quote is valid for, and the date on which it expires.
  7. Check the status:
    • Open—the quote has not yet been accepted or declined
    • Accepted—the quote has been accepted by the customer
    • Declined—the quote has been declined by the customer.
  8. If you account for tax/GST, choose an option from the Amounts are list.
    • If you want the prices to include tax/GST, choose Tax/GST inclusive. Note that this is the default tax preference.
    • If you want the prices to exclude tax/GST, choose Tax/GST exclusive.

    Enter the items you’re quoting
  9. In the Item column, choose the item you want to quote, or add one by clicking Add item and entering the item details, then clicking Save.
    The item DescriptionAllocate toUnit price and Tax rate/GST type appear, based on the details you entered when you created the item.
    The Qty and Total also appear. The default quantity is 1. You can change this in the Qty field. If you want, you can also change the type of units to use for this item in the Units column.

    To remove an item from the list, click the delete icon ( ) to the right of the item line.

  10. Repeat from step 9 for each item you want to include on the quote. The totals are calculated at the bottom of the quote:
    • Subtotal—the total for the items added to the invoice
    • Tax/GST—the amount of tax/GST applied to the invoice
    • Total—the subtotal amount plus the tax/GST amount 
  11. If you want to add a note to the customer, enter it in the Notes field. This will appear on the quote you send to the customer. For example, you could use this area to add additional details about how to accept the quote.

    Complete the quote
  12. If you want to:
    • save the quote without sending it, click Save. The Quotes page reappears, showing the quote without a tick in the Sent column.
    • print the quote and send it to the customer, click Print. The quote appears as a PDF that you can print or save.
    • email the quote to your customer, click Email. Enter the customer’s email address, edit the text in the Subject and Message fields if required, and click Email to customer.
To change the status of a quote

When a customer accepts or declines a quote, you can change its status by editing the quote and changing the selection in the Status field.

  1. On the Quotes page, click the quote you want to change the status of. The Quote page appears, showing the quote details.
  2. In the Status field, choose the new status for the quote (Declined or Accepted).
  3. Click Save. The quote is saved and the status is updated.
To turn a quote into an invoice

When a customer decides to buy the items you’ve quoted, you can quickly turn a quote into an invoice, without needing to re-enter the items.

  1. On the Quotes page, click the quote you want to turn into an invoice. The Quote page appears, showing the quote details.
  2. Click Create invoice. The Invoice page appears, containing the items and prices from the quote.
  3. Make any required changes to the invoice, and click Save, or click Email or Print to send it to the customer.
    For more information on entering invoices, see Creating, editing and deleting invoices.