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If you record employee hours on timesheets, the Pay Period step of the Process Payroll Assistant (Payroll command centre > Process Payroll) lists employee timesheets for the specified pay period.

Note that this option is only available if you have selected the timesheets preference.

Initially, all timesheets are selected to be included in the pay period.

Timesheet listed on process payroll window

If you want to...You need to...
Exclude a timesheet
click in the select column ( ) to deselect it in the list.
click the zoom arrow ( ) next to the employee’s name and make the required changes in the Enter Timesheets window.
View the details of unprocessed timesheetsclick Display Unprocessed Timesheets.


Click Next to continue on to the Employee pays step of the Process Payroll Assistant.

<h2><i class="fa fa-comments"></i>&nbsp;&nbsp;FAQs</h2><br>

Why are my timesheet hours not included when processing payroll?

If your timesheet hours are not appearing when you process payroll this can be caused by the following.

  • The pay period dates when processing payroll don't match the timesheet dates.
  • Part or all of the timesheet has been included in a previous pay run. To check this open the current timesheet and check if any of the days are uneditable (greyed out).

Why are more hours showing on my pays than are on my timesheet?

Most likely this is due to hours being entered in the employee's standard pay. The quantity of hours shown on a pay take into account hours entered in the timesheet as well as hours entered in the standard pay.

If you only want to use timesheets to enter the hours an employee worked, zero out any hours from the standard pay in their employee card.

Example standard pay with zero hours highlighted


Review employee pays before recording them

Processing your payroll


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