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When you use MYOB's super portal to pay superannuation, the money will be automatically paid from your bank account. But this won't affect your MYOB Essentials accounts. You'll need to record the payment transaction yourself.

If you've got bank feeds on this bank account, this is easy. When the super payment transaction appears in your bank feed, just allocate it to your Superannuation Payable liability account. If any of your employees have a salary sacrifice agreement you'll need to allocate this amount to the Payroll Deductions account.

If you don't have bank feeds, you can create a Spend Money transaction for the amount of the super payment. Allocate it to your Superannuation Payable liability account.

For more information about paying super in MYOB Essentials, see Paying super.

If you're after superannuation reports, see the Reporting topic in the MYOB super portal help.

Forgotten your MYOB super portal password?

If you forget your password when logging in to the MYOB super portal, click Forgot password on the login screen. You will be emailed a temporary password, and will be prompted to change it the next time you log in to the super portal.


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