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Do not delete this page - MYOB Practice navigates to it from within the product

The Compliance page lists all the activity statements and tax returns for your clients, letting you manage all your forms in a single place.

Here's what you can do:

  • View the forms for one client or all your clients.
  • Filter to restrict the forms listed and find forms quickly.
  • Check the status of the forms to track your work
  • Add or delete activity statements and tax returns.
  • Export the list in to Excel to help with reviewing.

View all clients or a single client

To view tax returns and activity statements, click Compliance on the top menu bar.

  • For all your clients, select All clients on the sidebar
  • For one client only, select a client name on the sidebar.

Filter the list of forms

The filtering options are slightly different when selecting a single client or all your clients.

  • From the single client view, you can filter the forms by Period and Type.
  • From the All clients view, you can use filters to search by a particular client, Partner, Staff member, Family group, Period, and Type.

If you use AE/AO, you'll need to manage partners, staff , and family groups in AE/AO.

To clear all filters, click Reset.

Check statuses

The status column shows the different statuses of your tax return or activity statement. This is a good way to keep track of their progress through the workflow.


All unlodged

Lists all tax returns or activity statements

Not started

Tax returns or activity statements you haven't started working on.

In progress

Tax returns or activity statements that you're currently working on.

In review

Tax returns or activity statements to be reviewed by yourself or someone in your practice.

Ready for client

Tax returns or activity statements reviewed, approved, and ready to send to clients

Pending signature

Tax returns or activity statements sent to the client and awaiting their signature.

Ready for lodge

Tax returns or activity statements are all approved, signed, and ready to lodge to ATO.


Tax returns or activity statements have been lodged to ATO and were rejected.


Tax returns or activity statements are lodged successfully to ATO

Add and delete forms

Export to a spreadsheet

Want a handy way to make and share notes and comments while reviewing? You can export compliance and contacts data together into an XLSX file to open it in Microsoft Excel.

Exporting is done from the Compliance page, so you can filter which compliance data is exported. For example, filter and export tax returns or activity statements for each partner or staff member to check their work.

The export displays data in the columns as they appear in MYOB Practice (and any filters you've applied). You may also see some data displayed differently. For example, the Period field in MYOB Practice will display as Period start and Period end columns in Excel.

To export to a spreadsheet




Please note that the data you’re exporting may include individuals’ personal information. You should take steps to keep that information secure.


  1. Go to the Compliance page. This can be for one client or all clients view.
  2. You can export all the data from this page or use filters to customise the data you want.
  3. To use filters when exporting data:
    1. Select All unlodged if you want to export all the compliance forms. To export the forms for certain statuses, select the one you want. For example, Ready to lodge, Lodged.
    2. Select the name of the Partner or Staff member from the drop-down.

  4. Select the Export (XLSX) button located on the top right of the Compliance page.
    The XLSX spreadsheet file is downloaded to your browser's download location, using the file name format YYYY-MM-DD_MYOB_ComplianceList.xlsx.