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Do not delete this page - MYOB Practice navigates to it from within the product

The Desktop files view of the Transaction processing page lets you view and add details of the AccountRight classic files (v19) you have access to. You can upgrade them and put them online in a few easy steps.

What you can do on the Desktop files page
Upgrade AccountRight classic files

Click Add desktop files to get started.

See Upgrade an AccountRight classic file for all the details.

Upgrade options

When upgrading an AccountRight classic file with an active licence agreement, it will be upgraded to the new AccountRight with the same billing details. If it doesn't have an active licence agreement, you can choose any AccountRight product level or MYOB Essentials (except NZ Payroll – as this is not a ledger product), as well as who pays.

Search for a desktop file

By default, your clients' desktop files are displayed in alphabetical order. These are the businesses that have been added by you, or by someone else in your practice.

To search for a desktop file, start typing a file name in the Search text field.

Filter desktop filesIf there are many files in your list, use the filters to help you work through the list. See Filter the Desktop files list
Remove a desktop fileIf you don't want to show a file in the list, see Remove a desktop file.