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Transaction processing, a dashboard for your client files

A dashboard that lets you see an overview of your client files that need attention, and create new files when required. At a glance see which months have unallocated transactions or which bank accounts need reconciling.

Review the due dates for activity statements so you can keep your clients' lodgments obligations up-to-date.

Here's a list of things you can do:

  • View status of client files, see more details and create new files.
  • Link a client to an online file.
  • View the colour coded Unallocated bank transactions.
  • Sort the files see who's up-to-date with allocating and reconciling transactions.
  • Create coding reports for multiple clients in one go, without needing to open each file.
  • Track lodgment of your activity statement.
  • Filter and change columns to see what matters most to you.
  • Generate reminders and requests for your staff and clients. Set Portal tasks right from the Transaction processing page.

Before you begin

To access the transaction processing and start working on the client files, here are some steps the MYOB administrators need to do:

Once you've finished the setup steps, you can open an MYOB Essentials, an MYOB AccountRight or an MYOB Business file.

Let's get started

Log in to

If you're Partner Program member, Transaction processing is the first page you'll see. If you use AE/AO, click Transaction processing on the top menu bar.

Start working on your client files.

MYOB Essentials businesses only: Transaction processing has replaced Partner Dashboard, the previous MYOB Essentials dashboard offering for MYOB Partners. For now, you'll still need to use Partner Dashboard to set up users who need access to old Essentials files. You also need to set up these users in MYOB Practice.

Seen a message about an upgrade to your client's MYOB Essentials business? Learn about what you need to do.