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Using an older MYOB product?

If you're using an older MYOB product, like AccountRight v19 or AccountEdge, there's a new way to activate and confirm your company files. For all the details see Activating and confirming older MYOB products.

Activating a company file is a one-off task, and AccountRight will prompt you to do it. It ensures you're using a legitimate copy of our software to record your business data. Learn more about activation and why it's necessary.

You don’t need to activate company files created online or if you're using the file for learning or testing. (Did you know AccountRight has sample company files you can play with?)

If a new company file isn't activated within 30 days, it'll become read-only. This means you won't be able to enter new data. You'll only be able to view, print and export existing information.

How many files can I activate?

If you're using AccountRight Basics, Standard or Plus you can activate one company file. For AccountRight Premier you can activate two company files.

Purchase additional company files by calling us (numbers and times listed above).

For pricing details, check our website (click the FAQs tab here: Australia | New Zealand).


To activate a company file

To activate a company file

If you've registered your software and know your serial number, you're ready to activate.

Let's step you through it.

  1. Open the company file to be activated and sign on. The Activation Assistant appears. If your company file has become read-only, open it and go to the Help menu choose Activate your company file.

  2. Select the option I use this company file to record or edit my business transactions.

  3. Ensure you are connected to the internet.

  4. For the activation option, choose Online (Self Service) and then click Next. The Details window appears.
  5. If you have not previously entered your serial number, type it in the Serial Number field.
  6. Click Activate.
  7. Close the assistant.

Can't activate online?

If you can't activate your company file online, you can either:

  • contact us via live chat (go to the Contact us page and click the chat button at the bottom of the page), or
  • submit a support request via My Account (log in at and click Contact support).

Our support team will then provide you with a licence file. Once they do, repeat the steps above and choose Offline (Contact Support) as your activation option, click Next and follow the prompts to load the licence file.

Having trouble?

Check our Activation FAQs or Activation and confirmation errors.

To deactivate a company file

To deactivate a company file

If you've activated a file in error or have an old file you no longer need, you can deactivate it. Just contact product support (on the Contact Us page, click the chat button at the bottom or scroll down for other options).

When you open a deactivated company file in AccountRight, it'll be read-only. Once we've deactivated the file, you'll be able to open a deactivated company file in read-only mode, but you won't be able to save any new information.

Can't find your answer?

Contact product support
Live Chat

You can start a chat session from the Contact Us page of the MYOB website (look for the chat button at the bottom of the page).

Can't see the chat button? If you're using an ad blocker on your web browser, this might be stopping the chat button appearing. Otherwise it probably means our support team are swamped and can't start any new chats. Try again later, or call us (scroll down on the Contact Us page for options).

Submit a support requestIf you have access to My Account, log in at and click Contact support.