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MYOB's business reports are an excellent resource for summarising and analysing your sales and purchases data.

You can access the business reports via the Reports > Index to reports > Sales . In the Online invoice payments section, click View reports. The reports and their functions are listed below.

Note that you need to be using online payments service to view these reports.

Transaction details

Transaction details

This report contains a summary of invoices and their settlement status, as well as details of the invoice payments that have already been deposited to assist reconciliation.

  1. Click Reports and in the Sales > Online invoice payments section, click View reports.
  2. Click the Transaction details report from the Reports page.
  3. Filter the report to show the payment Status: Settled money, Processing or Cancelled payments.
  4. Choose a Settled date or a date range.
  5. Click More filters to search by amounts.


You can export the report as an Excel spreadsheet or PDF by clicking Export. For PDFs, you can also choose which style template you want to use.

Note that you must enable editing of the spreadsheet from within Excel. If editing is disabled, the spreadsheet will not display the totals calculated in the report.

Transaction statements

Transaction statements

This report is generated monthly and provides a summary of the fees associated with using the online invoice payments service. It helps you track and account for these costs.

After a year of using online invoice payments, you'll be able to access a rolling 12 months' worth of statements.

To open a statement, click Reports and in the Sales > Online invoice payments section, click View reports.

Click the Transaction statements report from the Reports page and then click a month to open a PDF statement for that month.