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Working online requires the latest AccountRight version to be installed on all computers using your online file. If you're up to date but still experiencing an issue, check our solutions below.


Receiving a "Connection error" or "Unable to connect" message

If you've checked the obvious things, like your network cables, try also unplugging your modem and router and wait a minute before reconnecting them.

If you're still having issues try our other troubleshooting suggestions.

If you're using AccountRight Server Edition and the "Unable to connect" message also refers to the AccountRight Library Service, see AccountRight library service issues.

Unable to check out or check in your file

Checking in and checking out can be affected by a few things. See our working offline topic for a possible solution.

Can't open an online company file

This could be an internet connection issue, or something else which is preventing the file being opened. See Work on an online company file for a possible solution.

Having trouble uploading a file

There's a few things you'll need before putting your file online - see Put your company file online to learn more. If you're seeing a specific message when trying to upload your file, check this topic for a solution.

AccountRight running slow when working onlineThere are some things you can do to ensure AccountRight runs at its best. See Speed and performance tips.
Receiving the message "AccountRight not responding"

This message can mean AccountRight is still working in the background (like recording a big transaction), but Windows thinks AccountRight has stopped working. These messages often go away if AccountRight if left to do its thing.

If the message persists or remains for an extended period, see AccountRight not responding.

Still having trouble?

If you can't connect to an online company file, and need to access your company information, you can view a read-only copy of your online file. You'll be able to print forms and reports, but not make changes to your file.

If it looks like you won't have access to your online file for an extended period, and you need to work on it, consider working on an offline copy of the file, and restore it online when you have an internet connection again.

Need to talk to someone? Contact us and we'll be happy to help.


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