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MYOB AE/AO-integrated Corporate Compliance allows you to add/amend only the person’s birth details (City, State and Country only), and their occupation. You can also add notes. Other changes to the Details, such as addresses, must be made using MYOB AE/AO.

After you have changed a person’s name or residential address in MYOB AE/AO, and returned to Corporate Compliance, you are prompted to notify ASIC (see Notifying ASIC of changes to names or addresses). You can generate the form after running this wizard, or at a later time. If you choose a later time, the Notify ASIC of changes to Names or Addresses form will include the latest information entered using the wizard.

How to change a person’s details
  1. Select and open the person. See Selecting people.
  2. Click Change details on the Task Bar.
  3. Make any changes required to the person’s birth details (City, State and Country only).
  4. Add or change their occupation.
  5. Add notes, if necessary.
  6. Click Close when finished.
  7. To make other changes (e.g., address details):
  8. Open the person’s contact page in MYOB AE/AO at the Addresses tab.
  9. Press F1 to open the appropriate help page.
  10. Follow the directions in the help topic to make your changes.
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