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After creating your MYOB Essentials business and signing in for the first time, there are a few important setup tasks to complete. These involve entering information about yourself and your business, as well as some financial information, like GST settings and opening balances.

If you're looking for a place to start, work your way down this setup task list:

Complete these setup tasks:
  • Update your personal information—Enter your name, update your email address and choose a new username and password. See Edit and delete users.
  • Enter your business details—Enter your business name and details, choose your financial year settings and enter your contact details. Your business details will appear on the invoices and forms you create. See Business details.
  • Update GST settings—Choose whether you're registered for GST, how you calculate GST and how you lodge activity reports. See GST settings.
  • Enter opening balances for all your accounts—If you've already been in business before starting to use MYOB Essentials, enter the balances of your accounts as at the date you start using MYOB Essentials. You can also change the opening balance date to enter transactions from prior years. For more information, see Entering opening balances. Need to set up your accounts? Find out how.
  • Update your invoice and quote settings—Make sure your invoices and quotes match your brand by choosing a theme and colours to use on them. See Invoice and quote settings.
When you've completed these basic setup tasks, you might need to do some additional setup tasks.




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