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MYOB Essentials, Australia only

If you've received errors while checking your payroll details, you may need to add more details to an employee's details.


To edit your employees' details

To edit your employees' details

  1. From the Payroll menu, choose Employees.

  2. Click an employee then click Edit.

  3. Make sure the following information is complete in the Employee details tab:
  4. Repeat these steps for each employee.


What if I don't have an employee's TFN?

What if I don't have an employee's TFN?

If you have employees who don't have a Tax File Number, use one of these numbers provided by the Australian Tax Office. Check with the ATO if you're not sure what to choose.

  • 111 111 111: New payee has not made a TFN Declaration, but 28 days have not passed
  • 333 333 333: Payee is under 18 years of age and earnings don't exceed $350 per week, $700 per fortnight, or $1,517 per month.
  • 444 444 444: Payee is an Australian Government pensioner payee.
  • 000 000 000: Payee chooses not to quote a TFN and has not claimed an exemption from quoting a TFN or does not fit into any of the above categories.