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MYOB Partners only

Essentials Connected Ledger provides a sleek, simple cashbook used to manage your clients' books and GST returns. If you've used Essentials Accounting before, then you'll be familiar with some of the included features.

If this is your first time with Essentials, have a look below at some basic setup steps to get started.

Essentials Connected Ledger is only available to MYOB Partners.

Navigating Essentials Connected Ledger

The first page you'll see when logging in will be the Bank transactions page, but it's the menu bar at the top of the page that serves as your hub for navigating Essentials Connected Ledger.

The menu bar provides links to other areas of Essentials Connected Ledger, including banking, reporting and your contacts, and also houses a Help question mark icon  dropdown menu if you have any questions about the page you're on.

The basic setup

When you first log in to Essentials Connected Ledger, you'll want to set up some important business details. Here's where to start:

Need to send invoices, record bills or pay employees? Consider upgrading you or your client's subscription to suit the growing needs of your business. Click the upgrade link located in the top-right corner of Essentials Connected Ledger to learn more.

A quick tour around Essentials Connected Ledger

  • Bank feeds: Bank feeds allows you to automatically import bank transactions directly from your client’s bank into Essentials Connected Ledger, saving you time and ensuring the accuracy of your data. For more information about how bank feeds can help you manage your business, see Bank feeds.
  • Budgeting and reporting: Budget for success and document your performance with budgets, then review the financials against your predictions or last year’s actuals in the profit & loss report to see what areas of your business could be performing better
  • Chart of accounts: View, add, edit and delete accounts from the accounts list.
  • In tray: Want an easier, more efficient way to manage client proof of purchase documents? With the In tray, you can save documents against your clients’ bank transactions as soon as you get them. That means smoother compliance and better client collaboration.

Have any other questions?

Contact your partner manager or phone 1300 555 117 (AU) or 0800 69 62 27 (NZ).

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