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In the Export section of the Import/Export page, you can create a file of your business’s transactions and account balances, which your accounting advisor can then import into compatible MYOB software. Check with your accounting advisor about which export format they prefer.

Invite your accounting advisor

Inviting your accounting advisor to access your MYOB Essentials business means you'll no longer need to send them anything. See Invite your accountant .

To export data for your accounting advisor

To export data for your accounting advisor

  1. In MYOB Essentials, click your business name and choose Import/export data. The Import/export data page appears.
  2. Click Export.
  3. In the From and To fields, enter the dates for which you want to include transactions.
  4. If you want, enter a different name for the export file in the Change file name field.
  5. Select the Export file type. Check with your accountant if you're not sure which file type to choose.

    Export file typeCompatible softwareFile format
    CeeDataMYOB AE Accounts.txt
    MyeMYOB AE MAS.mye
    MYOB AOMYOB AO MYOB AO Classic.txt
    MYOB AO ClassicMYOB AO Classic.txt
    Reckon APSReckon APS.txt
    Sage HandiLedgerSage HandiLedger.csv

    Can't select a file type? Try a different web browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox . ( What browser am I using? )

  6. Click Export. You'll be prompted to save the export file.
  7. Save the file to your computer, and take note of where it's saved.
  8. Close the  Import/export data  page.

You can now send the file to your accounting advisor, who will be able to import it into compatible MYOB software.


Can I export anything else from MYOB Essentials?

Can I export anything else from MYOB Essentials?

You can only export data for your accountant which can be imported into compatible MYOB software. You can also export your Balance Sheet to Excel.

If you need to export anything else, such as your items or contacts, run the Items or Contacts reports (Reports > All reports > Items or Reports > All reports > Contacts ) to list your items or contacts in a PDF file.

The same approach can be used for other information you want to capture from MYOB Essentials, including transaction data. Learn about the reports available in MYOB Essentials.

Depending on what you need to do with the information in a PDF report, you might want to use a PDF converter program to convert the PDF file into whatever file format you require (CSV, Excel, text, etc.). A quick internet search will identify several free and paid PDF conversion programs.

Getting an error when running reports? Try using a different web browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.