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With online payments, there are no setup or cancellation fees. There's just a transaction fee that will apply to all payments made online.

Transaction fee: $0.25 per transaction + 1.8% of the invoice value

The total of your transaction fees will be added to your MYOB monthly subscription bill.

Other charges

You might also incur other charges if you’ve received a chargeback or dishonour notice. These charges include:

  • Chargeback fee: $33 per chargeback. This fee will be incurred regardless of chargeback outcome.
  • Direct debit dishonour: $10.00. A dishonour fee is issued if we are unable to debit applicable fees or charges from your bank account. Check your balance regularly to ensure there are enough cleared funds in your account.
  • Trace request fee: $10.00. This fee is charged for each customer transaction that you want to trace.


Can I charge a fee for payments made using online payments?

There's currently no automated option to include surcharges on invoices paid online.