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When you pay superannuation through MYOB's super portal, the ATO needs some details about each of the employees you're paying. Before you can start paying superannuation, you need to make sure you've completed all the required details for each employee you pay super to.

See Pay superannuation for more information about what else you need to do before you can start paying super.

Enter employee details

Make sure the following details have been completed on the Employee details tab (Payroll menu > Employees > click the employee > Employee details tab).

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Gender
  • Date of birth
  • Start date
  • Address
  • Suburb
  • State
  • Postcode
  • Country
  • Phone or mobile number
  • Email (if the employee doesn't have an email address, you can enter

Set the Super guarantee percentage for your employees

Open each employee's record and enter or confirm the super guarantee percentage (Payroll menu > Employees > click to open an employee record > Superannuation tab).

Don't need to pay super? If you're not required to pay super for an employee (check with the ATO for clarification), set the Employer contribution rate to 0% in the Superannuation tab of the employee's details (Payroll menu > Employees > click the employee > Superannuation tab).

Complete superannuation fund details

Enter details of the employee's super fund and superannuation guarantee on the Superannuation tab (Payroll menu > Employees > click the employee > Superannuation tab). You should complete all fields on this tab.

If the employee's super fund isn't in the Fund name list, it might not be an APRA-regulated superannuation fund.

Having trouble finding a super fund? Search for super funds using the SPIN/USI number, as a lot of super funds have registered names that are different to what people typically know them by. For instance, the fund name of CBUS super is CONSTRUCTION & BUILDING UNIONS SUPERANNUATION FUND (SPIN/USI number: CBU0100AU/CBU0100AU).

If the fund you're looking for isn't listed, email with details of the fund.

Why do I need to do this?

The ATO's data requirements for complying with SuperStream are fairly strict. By entering the details on this tab, you can make sure it complies with these requirements. For example, you can't simply enter a fund name - if the employee is with an APRA-regulated super fund, you need to choose one of the approved funds from the list.

Additional superannuation contributions

To contribute additional money into an employee's super fund, such as salary sacrificing, see Additional superannuation contributions.