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Previewing returns

If you want to see how a return will look once printed, you need to preview it. See Emailing, previewing and printing customer returns.

To open the Invoices page, click Invoices on the menu.

The Invoices page lists all of the invoices and customer returns you’ve entered into MYOB Essentials. For each invoice, the invoice number, customer, date issued and total amount is listed. To find an invoice, you can use the search feature or filter the list by type.

To filter the list of invoices to display returns  

  • From the list, select Returns. The filtered list of returns and credits appears. Check the Status column to see if the return has been paid or not.
    Invoices pages with Returns filter highlighted

To search for a return 

  • In the search field, enter part of a number or word relating to the return you’re trying to find.
    For example, you can enter part of the invoice number, the customer’s name, the date the return was issued or is due, or the return amount.
    When you press Enter, the list is populated with the returns that match your search term.

    Use sorting in addition to searching

    If searching gives you a large number of results, try sorting by one of the columns.