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As well as general administration and configuration of the system users, the Administration function is used to configure the content management of MYOB Intranet.

A MYOB Intranet administrator can:

The way in which the MYOB Intranet content is configured will depend on the requirements of your own business. For example, a News Category could contain documents or it could contain a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation with photographs from a company event or it could contain a list of web links.

When creating the categories and configuring how the content is grouped, it is important that you consider the way in which this will be used in your own business.

To refresh MYOB Intranet to reflect administration changes

If any changes are made to the content management of the Administration window, restart or refresh MYOB Intranet to check how users will view the changes.

  • When using Microsoft Outlook, refresh the MYOB Intranet Microsoft Outlook window by clicking the MYOB Intranet button located on the MYOB Intranet Outlook toolbar.
  • When using Microsoft Internet Explorer, refresh the page or press [F5].