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To access help in MYOB

At the top right of any MYOB page, click the question mark to open the help panel.

You'll see info relating to the MYOB page you're on, without having to leave your software. Depending on the page, you might also see some frequently asked questions or links to more detailed help topics.

Is there a user manual?

MYOB is fully online software, so the help is also online within your software. No need to go searching for the relevant information in a user guide – information relevant to the page of MYOB that you're on is right there and always current (unlike a printed user manual).

Keep track of what's new in MYOB Business – visit (and bookmark) the MYOB Business release notes.

What if I need more help?
Community ForumView topics and discuss your questions with other users of MYOB. Join the discussion.
Live Chat

You can start a Live Chat session from the Contact Us page of the MYOB website (look for the chat button at the bottom of the page).

Can't see the chat button? If you're using an ad blocker on your web browser, this might be stopping the chat button appearing. Otherwise it probably means our chat team are swamped and can't start any new chats. Try again later, or call us.

Submit a support requestIf you have access to My Account, log in at and click Contact support.
Contact support

Visit the Contact us page of the MYOB website for contact details.