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  • Emailing from AccountEdge using Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan or later




There is a known issue with attempting to email directly from AccountEdge to Mac Mail on the latest Mac OS X (El Capitan or later). The PDF of the invoice or purchase, etc. will not be attached to the email when sending directly from AccountEdge. This only occurs in Mail and does not occur when sending emails through Outlook.

Update AccountEdge to fix this issue

The following AccountEdge versions eliminate this issue:

  • AccountEdge Pro/Network Edition v15 (and newer)
  • AccountEdge Basic v4 (and newer)

If you're using an earlier AccountEdge version and have a current support subscription, you're entitled to an update. Check for updates by going to the AccountEdge menu and choosing Check for updates.

If no update is available

You're probably using an older AccountEdge version. 

Getting an error when updating?

The following error can occur if the AccountEdge application has been renamed:


To fix this error, rename your AccountEdge application (in the Applications folder) as follows:

If using this AccountEdge version...Ensure the application name is...
AccountEdge Pro 14 or 14.5                         AccountEdge Pro v14
AccountEdge Network Edition 14 or 14.5AccountEdge NE v14
AccountEdge Basic v3 (Australia)AccountEdge Basic v3
AccountEdge Basic v3 (New Zealand)AccountEdge Basic 3

After renaming the application, install the update via the AccountEdge Help menu > Check for Updates.