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Hire purchase is a business agreement, similar to leasing, where purchased goods are paid for over a period of time rather than paying the full cost up front. Unlike leasing, the goods are owned outright after the final payment.


A start-up coffee roasting company doesn't have the capital to outlay the full cost of a commercial roasting machine. Instead, they enter into a hire purchase agreement to buy a roaster over a 3 year period which allows them to start roasting immediately.

AccountEdge can be set up to record the specifics of your hire purchase arrangement, but there's a few variables which need to be considered, including:

  • the terms and conditions of your hire purchase agreement
  • your GST reporting basis (cash/payments or accrual/invoice)
  • the tax/GST implications (the ATO (Australia) or IRD (New Zealand) have good info on this).

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