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This support note provides information on working with images in your customised forms to ensure they display and print correctly.

For more information about adding and editing images in your forms, see the AccountEdge help (Australia | New Zealand).


Image file size and format

Images should be 200KB or smaller to work with AccountEdge forms. The following image file formats are compatible:













You can check an image's file size and format by right-clicking the image file and choosing Get Info. The displayed window shows you the file size and format.

Resizing an image in a form

When a picture has been added to your form, click the picture to display its "handles" (the small black dots around the edge of the picture). By clicking and dragging these handles, the picture can be resized as required. Note that the picture will retain its aspect ratio when resized. Enlarging your picture may reduce the quality of the image, so ensure the resolution of your image is adequate before adding it to your form.

Ideally, it is best to use an image that is already the correct size, to avoid any image artifacts/dithering which can be caused by resizing. These artifacts can occur when enlarging and reducing, but they may be particularly apparent if you use a small image and enlarge it on the form.

Troubleshooting images
Images not printing or displaying on screenIs the field size large enough in the form? You may need to increase the size of the picture field on the screen. Is the image file size and format compatible? See Image file size and format above for more information.
Images printing with pixilated, fuzzy, or jagged edgesTry smoothing the edges of your picture in a graphics program before pasting it into the form. Also try to get the image to an appropriate size and resolution before adding it to your form, rather than resizing within the form.
Images printing entirely black

This can occur if the image resolution is too high. Try reducing the resolution in a graphics program before pasting it into the form.

Is there anything pasted on top of the image in the forms customisation screen? If so, move the field and see if it improves the printing of the image.

Images not printing correctly on one computer, while printing OK on the computer where the image was pastedMake sure the Colour Depth is the same as the computer where the image was pasted into the form. If the computer was set to 256 colours in the Control Panel, the same setting should be set on the other computer(s).
Images not printing in colour

Older software versions do not allow colour graphics above 16 colours to be printed in forms. It will convert them to grey scale images.