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  • Jobs (Budget Analysis) report




The Jobs (Budget Analysis) report is calculated from the following areas:

  • Transactions entered against that Job
  • The Budget for the Job
  • The Percent Complete field against that Job 

To display this report

  1. Go to the Reports menu and choose Index to Reports.
  2. Click the Accounts tab.
  3. Under the Jobs sub-heading, click the Budget Analysis report.
  4. Click Customise.
  5. Specify your filtering criteria.
  6. Click Display.

What am I looking at?


Account: This column shows the accounts against which transactions have been posted. As such, these values are tax exclusive.

Budget: This column shows the budgeted amount assigned to each GL Code.

Adjusted Budget: This column shows the Budgeted amount divided by the Percent complete. For example if you have completed 20% of the Job and have a budget of $20,000.00; this means that your Adjusted Budge would be $4000.00. This is what you have budgeted for the Job to date for the Percent complete.

Actual: This is the actual amount spent to date against this Job.

Difference: This field is calculated from Actual - Adjusted Budget. If you have a positive figure then, to date you have spent more then budgeted. If you have a negative figure then, to date you have spent less then budgeted.

% Difference: This shows the Difference field but as a percentage.

If the Percent Complete field has not been entered against the job, then the report will not be able to calculate the Adjusted Budget and % Difference fields.