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  • Unable to back up all data using AccountEdge v8




Note: Technical support is no longer provided for the product version covered in this support note. For more information on technical support for older MYOB products, including the benefits of upgrading to a supported product, see the MYOB Sunset Support page.


In AccountEdge v8, there are two Company File Back up options:

  1. Back up all data.

  2. Back up Company data file only.

A problem has been found when the "Back up all data" function is used. The program will not actually create a back up file.  AccountEdge appears to go through the normal processes, but a back up file is not created and there is no error message.

The option "Back up datafile only" is not affected by this issue and thus a back up file should be saved.



Why does this occur?

This is due to the installer not giving the correct permissions to the MYOB Account Edge v8 sub folders and contents.


How do I fix the issue?

There are 2 options available for resolving this issue, these are listed below:

Option 1 - Delete the Excel 2003 folder

There is an extra item found in the Spreadsheets folder called Excel 2003 that is not needed by AccountEdge. Deleting this folder will resolve the issue.

  1. Go to the Mac HD.
  2. Select Applications then the AccountEdge 8 folder.
  3. Choose the Spreadsheet folder and find the Excel 2003 folder.
  4. Trash the Excel 2003 folder.
  5. Try creating a back up of all data, this should now create successfully.


Option 2 - Ensure adequate permissions on the AccountEdge 8 folder.

Correct the permissions of the relevant folders. All users and groups need to have full read and write access.

  1. Click on the Macintosh HD icon on the desktop.
  2. Click on Applications.
  3. Locate the MYOB AccountEdge 8 folder.
  4. Press and hold the Control key and click (or simply right click if available) on the MYOB AccountEdge 8 folder.
  5. Click on Get Info.
  6. Click on the padlock on the bottom right of the screen (Enter administrator user ID and password if requested) and ensure all users have read & write permissions.
  7. Click on the sunflower icon to the left of the padlock and click apply to enclosed items.


If Options 1 and 2 above do not resolve the issue, please contact Client Support on 1300 555 123.

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