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  • Unable to stop FileConnect




This support note describes the reasons why you might be prevented from stopping FileConnect which results in the message "FileConnect could not be stopped". Some steps to overcome this issue are also provided.

Causes of this issue

  • There are users still connected to a company file on this machine.
  • A user has their Company File Browser open and that particular host computer is highlighted.
  • AccountEdge Network Edition crashed or abnormally quit.
  • Your computer contains an Airport card and your network location contains connections for Ethernet as well as Airport.
  • You're not logged onto your computer with Administrator rights.

Try the following options to stop MYOB FileConnect:

  • Make sure everyone is out of all accounting files located on the machine running MYOB FileConnect.
  • Make sure that there isn't a user who has the open file window open, with the host computer that is having the problem selected in the list.
  • Restart your host computer once you are sure everyone is logged out of all files that are available on this host machine. This usually will solve the problem of not being able to stop FileConnect.
  • After restarting, if you still can't stop FileConnect, open the file that you were in last or possibly crashed in, close the file, and then try to stop FileConnect. This should clean up any left over Lock files that may be with your company file if you have recently crashed.
  • Check your Network System Preference to be sure that you don't have both Airport and Ethernet Active at the same time. Only one should be selected. After making a change here, you will need to restart your machine for this to allow you to stop FileConnect.

For Advanced Users:

If you are unable to turn off FileConnect from the System Preference pane, you can quit or force quit the process by using the Activity Monitor rather than restarting your server/computer.

To quit the process using the Activity Monitor:

  1. Ensure that all users have quit out of the AccountEdge Network Edition.
  2. Go to the Applications folder and select Utilities.
  3. Find and launch the Activity Monitor application.
  4. Choose All Process from the drop down menu on the top of this window.
  5. Find either MYOB FileConnect, FileConnect or AccountEdge File Connect in the list of processes and select it.
  6. Click the Quit Process button on the top left side of this window.
  7. Click Quit.
  8. Go to the System Preferences and select the AccountEdge pane.
  9. Click Turn on FileConnect to restart the application.

If the process doesn't quit after doing this, follow the same steps above but choose Force Quit instead of Quit.