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TeamViewer is a program which allows an MYOB Tech Support agent to remotely access your computer to help resolve MYOB software issues. This support note explains how to use TeamViewer.

Only use this support note at the request of MYOB Technical Support.

To download and run TeamViewer
  1. Click to download TeamViewer from the TeamViewer website.
  2. Open the downloaded file.
  3. Click TeamViewer Quick Support.
  4. When prompted, click Open.
  5. At the following window, wait for the MYOB Tech Support agent to access your computer.
  6. When the following confirmation message appears, click Allow.
  7. The following box will display when you're connected with the MYOB support team member. You can click the X to terminate the remote connection at any time.
Privacy and Security

MYOB uses TeamViewer technology for remote access as these do not require installing software on to your system. Once the connection is closed and the software stopped your computer remains secure. MYOB can only connect with you when you provide the random ID and password to us.

MYOB staff will at no time ask you for your personal email address and password.

MYOB Privacy Policy

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