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  • Changing currency format

This information applies to MYOB AccountRight version 19. For later versions, see our help centre.




If you're using AccountRight Premier or AccountRight Enterprise

Currency settings (like the currency symbol and number of decimal places) are specified in the Currency Information window (Lists menu > Currencies, then click the zoom arrow next to a currency). If the Currencies option isn't in the Lists menu, make sure you've turned on the Multiple Currencies feature under the Setup menu > Preferences > System tab.

Hiding the currency symbol

There's a setting to show or hide currency symbols in AccountRight windows (Setup > Preferences > Windows tab > Show Currency Symbol in Windows). The currency symbol will always show in reports.

If the currency format settings are correct within AccountRight but still display incorrectly, check the Windows currency settings as described in the next section.

If you're using any other AccountRight version

Currency settings are based on your computer's Windows settings. The instructions below describe how to change these settings for all current Windows versions.


Windows 8 and later
  1. Close all programs.
  2. Right-click in the screen's bottom-left corner and choose Control Panel. The Control Panel window appears.
  3. Click the Clock, Language, and Region category. The Clock, Language, and Region window appears.
  4. Under the Region category, click Change date, time, or number formats. The Region window appears.
  5. On the Formats tab, click Additional settings. The Customize Format window appears.
  6. Click the Currency tab.
  7. Change the currency settings as required.
  8. Click OK then click OK again.
Windows 7 and Vista
  1. Close all programs.
  2. Click the Windows Start button and choose Control Panel.
  3. Open the option called Region and Language.
  4. On the Formats tab, change Format to either English (New Zealand) or English (Australia), depending on your location.
  5. Click Additional Settings at the bottom of the window.
  6. Click the Currency tab.
  7. Change the currency settings as required.
  8. Click OK then click OK again.


Can I change my local currency?

Can I change my local currency?

If you're using an Australian version of AccountRight, your local currency is automatically set to Australian Dollars (AUD). For New Zealand versions, it's set to New Zealand Dollars (NZD).

Although you could rename your local currency to another currency, we don't advise doing so as it's not how the software was designed to be used. It'll also cause issues when upgrading to the new AccountRight, as the local currency can only be AUD or NZD.