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  • Dismantling stock into individual components

This information applies to MYOB AccountRight version 19. For later versions, see our help centre.




Many businesses, such as motor wreckers and computer hardware retailers, purchase second-hand items such as a car or a computer system and dismantle the whole item into parts to sell individually. This page shows you how to handle such a situation in your accounting software.


Daniel Datum sells new and second-hand computer systems and parts. Daniel recently purchased an old Pentium computer system from a deceased estate auction. Daniel plans to remove all saleable parts from the computer to on-sell and dispose of the non-saleable parts at the local tip.

Yes, this is a fairly dated example...but the same approach can be used for dismantling any item into individual components.

1. Create a new inventory item for the purchased item

Create a new inventory item for the purchased item. Select the options I Buy This Item and I Inventory This Item and enter the relevant linked account. See the example item below.

Example computer inventory item setup

2. Record the purchase

Enter an item bill to record the purchase of the item as shown in the following example.

Purchases window containing computer inventory item

3. Create inventory items for the subparts

Create new inventory items for the subparts that can be dismantled and sold. Select the options I Sell This Item and I Inventory This Item and enter the relevant linked accounts. Refer to the example below.

Speak with you accountant to determine a suitable method to value dismantled subparts. 

 Example inventory item for computer tower

4. Use the Build Items function to transfer inventory

Go to the Inventory command centre and click Build Items to remove subparts from the original system. The original system should be entered with a negative Quantity to remove it from inventory. Subparts removed from the original system should be entered using positive Quantities - the subparts are now inventoried and can be on-sold or used in an Auto-Build. Note: If GST was paid, it is not included in the value of your inventory. The figures in Build Items are exclusive of GST.

As shown in the following Build Items example, Daniel dismantled the system to produce the following subparts:

  • 1 x 1GB RAM Chip
  • 1 x Pentium 4 Processor Chip
  • 1 x DVD ROM Drive
  • 1 x 500GB Hard Drive
  • 1 x 19 inch LCD Monitor
  • 1 x 512MB VGA Card
  • 1 X Tower Case

Build items window with computer parts listed