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  • Images not displaying in customised forms

This information applies to MYOB AccountRight version 19. For later versions, see our help centre.




Is your business logo (or another image) missing from a printed or emailed document? Images won't appear in your forms if:

  • your MYOB software version is older than AccountRight v19.11.3 (AU) or AccountRight v19.8.1 (NZ), or
  • the image's file size is too big or it's the wrong format.

This means if images aren't appearing in your forms you'll need to either update to a later AccountRight version or change the image size or format.

Let's help you check both these things.

If an image is appearing but it's distorted, see Images distorted in PDFs when using Windows 8 or 10.
Check your MYOB software version

To check your current MYOB software version, go to the Help menu and choose (for example) About AccountRight.

Older versions of AccountRight v19 (and earlier) relied on Apple QuickTime to display images in forms. Security vulnerabilities have been identified in QuickTime on Windows computers, so it's recommended you don't install QuickTime. For all the details on this issue and what you can do, see our community forum.

AccountRight versions which don't need Quicktime for images:

  • AccountRight 2011 and later
  • AccountRight v19.11.3 and later (Australia)
  • AccountRight v19.8.1 and later (New Zealand)
Check image size and format

Right-click the image file and choose Properties. The displayed window shows you the file size (this needs to be 200KB or smaller) and the file format, for example BMP or JPG.

See it in action:

The following file formats can be used in AccountRight forms:










For more information about working with images in your forms, see Images in customised forms.
Images still not displaying? You might need to update AccountRight. See the note at the top of this page about AccountRight v19 and Quicktime.