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If you can't open your AccountEdge company file, the table below contains some of the common causes and their solutions. If you're getting an error, search our help for the wording or code shown on the error message.

The file you've chosen is not an AccountEdge company file

Company files have the file extension .myo (for example MyCompanyFile.myo). If the file you are attempting to open does not have the file extension .myo then it is most likely not an MYOB company file and cannot be opened in your MYOB software.

If you are using AccountEdge and opening an AccountEdge company file with the correct version, try the solutions below:

  • Attempt to rename the company file
  • Make sure the company file name isn't more than 24 characters long
  • Make sure the path to the company file isn't more than 128 characters
  • (AccountEdge Network Edition only) Stop and restart FileConnect
  • Reboot the machine
The company file is set to "Read only"

It's possible that your company file has been set to 'Read-only'. This can occur if the company file has been copied from a removable storage device, like a USB stick.

To check this:

  1. Go to the location on your computer or network where your company file is stored.
  2. Hold the Control key on your keyboard and click once on the company file.
  3. Choose the Get Info option.
  4. Ensure the Locked option is deselected.
The folder containing the company file is not fully shared

If the company file is shared through network access to a shared folder, this folder must be fully shared and all users of the company file must have full access to the folder.

For instructions on setting up a company file folder, see the AccountEdge help (Australia | New Zealand). Also see the AccountEdge network implementation guide.

The workstation is not mapped correctly to the host

For instructions on setting up your AccountEdge network, see the AccountEdge help (Australia | New Zealand). Also see the AccountEdge network implementation guide.

The first user to log on has selected single-user mode (multi-user versions only)

If the first user to log on to your company file selects 'single-user mode' at the log-in screen, all other users will be locked out of the file.

To solve this, simply have the first user log out and then log back in making sure that the 'Multi-User' option is selected.

AccountEdge is being accessed over the network

AccountEdge Network Edition is designed so that only the company file is shared over the network. Each workstation should have the software installed and run locally. If you try to run the software over a network, in addition to poor performance, access errors may occur.

Make sure each user is running the program locally though they access data on the network.

For instructions on setting up your AccountEdge network, see the AccountEdge help (Australia | New Zealand). Also see the AccountEdge network implementation guide.

Your computer disk hasn't got enough spaceThe machine hosting the company file, or the workstation, having insufficient disk space. Delete unwanted or unnecessary files from the machine in question to overcome the issue.
The company file is corrupt

To check if your company file is corrupt, try and open a different company file. If this opens without issue, it indicates the original company file is corrupt and you'll need to restore the most recent backup you have available.

MYOB also offer a data file repair service - check our website for more details (Australia | New Zealand)

There are "lock" files on your computerRemove the lock files as described in this support note. If you're using Trend Micro Security software this could be blocking the lock files, disable Trend Micro to see if this is the issue.
You're trying to open an AccountEdge file on a Windows PCOlder AccountEdge company files can be opened in older MYOB AccountRight versions on a Windows PC. For all the details, see Moving older company files between Windows and Mac.

Can't find your answer?

Contact us and we'll be happy to help.

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