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  • M-Powered Service Centre Box File (Australia only)

This information applies to MYOB AccountRight version 19. For later versions, see our help centre.




When you upgrade your company file from Accounting Plus v13, Premier v7 or earlier versions, or if you create a new company file in versions newer than these, the software will automatically create a corresponding file. This new file name will have the same name as your company file, but the file extension will be '.box'.

Why does the software create this new '.box' file?

MYOB Australia has been focused on finding ways to reduce the unnecessary challenges of running a business. MYOB's M-Powered Services offer a range of services that simplify common business processes. These services boost your business efficiency by automating the flow of information and funds between your business and the many people and organisations you deal with.

For more information about these services, go to the MYOB M-Powered website.

The '.box' file works simultaneously with the company file and stores the M-Powered Services transactions and details.

There is an option in current software versions to contain the .box file inside the .myo file. This option is selected by default.

To change this option:

  1. Go to the Setup menu and choose Preferences.
  2. Click the Security tab.
  3. Deselect the option Integrate the M-Powered Services Centre and MYOB Company File [System-wide]


If I don't use the M-Powered Services, can I delete this '.box' file?

Even if you are not using the M-Powered Services, the software will automatically create the new '.box' file. If the '.box' file is deleted, the software will create a new '.box' file. 

Can I open the '.box' file to see its contents?

No. This file contains information specific to M-Powered services and only works in conjuction with your company file. 

Will I now need to do anything different when using my software?

The '.box' file will not affect the way you enter transactions or use your company file.

If you are utilising the M-Powered Services then your company file and new '.box' file work in synchronisation, so you need to be aware of important details in the following scenarios.

Moving your company file

If you move your company file you need to move the corresponding '.box' file to the same Windows folder location. For example, if you move your company file from your local hard drive to a network drive, you need to move the '.box' file to the same Windows folder.

Renaming your company file

If you change the name of your company file, you also need to change the name of the corresponding '.box' file.

The new name of your company file should match the name of your '.box' file. For example, if you change the file name from Clearwater.prm to Clearsprings.prm you need to change the name of the '.box' file from to

Restoring a copy of your company file

If you need to restore a backup copy of your company file it is important you restore the synchronised copy of your '.box' file to ensure the two files have corresponding information.

The software will display a message if the '.box' file is missing or out of synchronisation. For further details about restoring the '.box' file or troubleshooting techniques about the '.box' file please refer to your M-Powered Services User Guide.