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  • M-Powered Common Connection Errors (Australia only)

This information applies to MYOB AccountRight version 19. For later versions, see our help centre.




This page lists common connection errors that may occur while attempting to use M-Powered Services and the appropriate steps to resolve them.

Solution Summary

  • Find the error number and follow the advice as set out below
  • If the error not supported by this support note call M-Powered Support Team on 1300 555 931.

How do I find the error number?

In order to find the exact error follow these steps:

  1. Open the M-Powered Service Centre
  2. Click Log.
  3. Click the zoom arrow next to the connection event that corresponds with the time you receive the error.
  4. This log file provides you with the error number. Please refer to the error explanation below for information about the error received.
  5. If this code does not appear in the list below please contact M-Powered Support on 1300 555 931.


Connection Error Number: 4005

Reason for Error

You may have moved your company data file from one computer to another or restored a back up and the software is receiving a message from a file M-Powered Servicers are not expecting a message from.


To resolve this error please contact the M-Powered Service Team on 1300 555 931 and advise the consultant that you have received error 4005 because you have moved the file (or restored a back up). 

Connection Error Number: 4016 or 4018

Reason for Error

This error can occur due to a few different reasons.

  • The message was authorised by Authorisers that are no longer 'Active'.
  • The message that you are trying to send was created more than 7 days previously.


You will need to recreate the message. To do this, delete message in the M-Powered Service Centre. (See your M-Powered Services User Guide for instructions on how to do this). Reverse the transaction in your company data file and recreate the transaction. You can then re-authorise and send the new message. 

Connection Error Number: 4001 or Unable to create Authorisers

Reason for Error

This error occurs if you are unable to connect to the M-Powered Services secure connection. This may be for a variety of reasons and the most common solutions are listed below.

This solution may become very technical and MYOB Australia suggests that you consult your IT professional / department regarding how to resolve this error event if you do not understand the solution.

M-Powered Services run best when you have Internet Explorer installed and active on your computer. 


The following list provides some resolutions to this error:

  1. Check that your internet connection is working. Try to connect to If this works continue below.
  2. Go to If the connection is set correctly it will do one of 2 things:
    • It will display a red hat website.
    • It will redirect to the MYOB website main page.
    • It will display Forbidden.

If the connection is not set correctly you will get an Internet Explorer (or similar web browser) error.

  • If you have a firewall or virus checker then disable these and try Send/Receive or creating the Authoriser again. If this connection then works correctly one of these programs is blocking the connection. Your software must be made an allowed program to access the internet through both firewall and virus checking programs. Please consult your IT professional regarding how to do this for your particular system. Note: Your program needs to access the internet via Port 443.

If you have a proxy server: MYOB Australia has tested using Microsoft Proxy and Squid, with basic authentication and NTLM. Your IT professional can assist in setting this up.

The cipher strength of your internet connection needs to be set at least 128bit. To check this open Internet Explorer, click Help then About Internet Explorer. If this is not the case this Microsoft website can be used to download high encryption packs.