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  • No TOTAL TAX WITHHELD on payment summaries (Australia only)

This information applies to MYOB AccountRight version 19. For later versions, see our help centre.




AccountRight Plus, Premier and Enterprise, Australia only

If an employee paid no tax in a payroll year, the TOTAL TAX WITHHELD field on a payment summary will be blank. But if the employee did pay tax, this field will only be blank if the PAYG Withholding payroll category has been linked to the wrong field on the payment summary.

Here's an example where the PAYG Withholding payroll category has been accidentally linked to the Exempt Foreign Income payment summary field, resulting in no TOTAL TAX WITHHELD on the payment summary:



To check your payment summary field setup
  1. Go to the Payroll command centre and click Print Payment Summaries.
  2. Click through the steps until you reach the Payment Summary Fields window.
  3. Identify where the PAYG Withholding wage category has been selected:
    1. Click a Payment Summary Field on the left.
    2. Scroll to the bottom of the Payroll Categories on the right and check if the PAYG Withholding wage category is selected. In this example, it has been selected against the Exempt Foreign Income field.
  4. When you find where it has been selected, deselect the PAYG Withholding wage category on the right.
  5. In the Payment Summary Fields on the left, click to highlight Total Tax Withheld.
  6. In the Payroll Categories on the right, select the PAYG Withholding wage category.
  7. Continue processing your payment summaries as normal. For more information see the AccountRight help.

Can't select PAYG Withholding?

If you can't select the PAYG Withholding category when setting up the Total Tax Withheld field, it means you've already linked the category to another payment summary field.

When you hover your mouse over the PAYG Withholding checkbox, a message appears that lets you know what it's been linked to.

Go to the payment summary field that it mentions and deselect the PAYG Withholding category. You will then be able to link it to the Total Tax Withheld field.

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