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  • Error: "You must specify a linked account"

This information applies to MYOB AccountRight version 19. For later versions, see our help centre.




Errors like this mean that one or more of the tax codes (Australia) or GST codes (New Zealand) don't have a linked account.

You must specify a linked account error

What are linked accounts?

Linked accounts make the software easy to use. By using linked accounts certain types of transactions are automatically linked to the ledger accounts you have chosen. Just as there are linked accounts for tracking your debtors and creditors, there can be linked accounts to track sales, purchases and the value of your inventory items.


To fix this error

Make sure each of your Tax/GST Codes have linked accounts.

  1. Go to the Lists menu and choose Tax/GST Codes. The Tax/GST Code List window appears.
  2. Click the zoom arrow next to each Tax/GST Code and ensure linked accounts are specified. Here's an example:
    Tax code with linked accounts

    Which accounts do I link?

    The linked accounts you need to specify will depend on your accounts list. Speak to your accounting advisor if you're unsure.

  3. Click OK.
  4. Repeat for all your Tax/GST Codes.