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  • Splitting an employee's pay between bank accounts (Australia only)




AccountEdge Pro and Network Edition, Australia only

To split an employee's pay between bank accounts, you need to adjust the employee's payment details in their card.

To set up the employee's card to pay between bank accounts

An employee's card is used to specify the bank account information for their salary. To set up this information:

  1. Go to the Card File command centre and click Cards List.
  2. Click the Employee tab.
  3. Click the zoom arrow next to the applicable employee.
  4. Click the Payment Details tab.
  5. In the Payment Method field, select Electronic. Additional fields will be displayed.
  6. In the Electronically distribute net pay among field, select the number of bank accounts into which the employee's pay is to be split. Pays can be split into up to 3 bank accounts.
  7. For each bank account, specify the following (ensure these details are correct - refer to the employee for clarification):
    1. BSB Number
    2. Bank Account Number
    3. Bank Account Name
    4. Value (the value of the pay to go into the account)
    5. Statement Text (account 1 only) - this text will appear on the statement for all nominated bank accounts.
  8. Select whether the Value represents Percent or Dollars. Percent will split the employee's pay on a percentage basis. Similarly, Dollars will base the pay split on the specified dollar amount.
  9. Click OK.

The example window below shows an employee's pay being split between 3 bank accounts with 50% going to the first account, $10 going to the second account, and the balance going to the third account.

The Value for the third bank account is automatically set to Remaining Amount and cannot be changed. 


How does AccountEdge split the employee's pay?

Once the employee's card has been setup as described above, AccountEdge will automatically split their pay. 

  1. Go to the Payroll command centre, click Process Pays and process your payroll as normal.
  2. Return to the Payroll command centre and click Prepare Electronic Payments.
  3. Enter the payment details as required.
  4. Select the employee's pay and click Bank File.
  5. Click OK to the following alert then save the ABA bank file to your computer's hard drive. The bank file will include the employee's banking information and the pay split.

The electronic payment can then be processed using your banking software. Speak to your bank for more information.