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  • Error: "An error occurred while installing the update"




When installing the latest update using the AccountEdge menu > Check for Updates option in AccountEdge, the following error can occur:


This error occurs if the AccountEdge application has been renamed.


Rename your AccountEdge application (in the Applications folder) as shown in the table. Your version number might vary from the examples below, but the principle is the same.

If using this AccountEdge version...Ensure the application name is...
AccountEdge Pro 18 or 18.5AccountEdge Pro v18
AccountEdge Network Edition 18 or 18.5AccountEdge NE v18
AccountEdge Pro 17 or 17.5AccountEdge Pro v17
AccountEdge Network Edition 17 or 17.5AccountEdge NE v17
AccountEdge Pro 16 or 16.5AccountEdge Pro v16
AccountEdge Network Edition 16 or 16.5AccountEdge NE v16
AccountEdge Basic v7 (Australia)AccountEdge Basic v6
AccountEdge Basic v6 (New Zealand)AccountEdge Basic 6

After renaming the application, install the update via the AccountEdge Help menu > Check for Updates.

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