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A serial number is a unique 12-digit ID that identifies your software. MYOB provides you with a serial number when you purchase AccountRight.

What causes this message?

When putting a company file online or upgrading it, a check is done to confirm that you're entitled to perform the task. If the serial number in the company file isn't linked to the email address you’ve logged in with, you'll see this message:

example error

How do I fix it?

If the serial number shown in the message isn't yours, or it's an old serial number, click Change Serial Number in the error message to update it. Learn more about changing your serial number.

Also check that you're signed in to your MYOB account as an online owner or online administrator. The online owner is usually the person who purchased the AccountRight subscription. An online administrator is someone who has been invited by the owner to perform this role.

If you're not sure who has these roles in your business, or you think you're the online owner or administrator, give us a call and we'll sort it out.

In Australia call 1300 555 151, or in New Zealand call 0800 60 69 62.